Are you ready to grow your email list?

Hey coach! Are you ready to upgrade your email marketing? To provide insane value to your customers and prospects? And to convert those prospects into challengers and coaches? Well, you're in the right place!

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Having a growing email list is crucial for scaling your business...

But how do you even start one? And once you have one, how do you get people on it and what should you be sending them?!

People check their email EVERY day. You can't be shadowbanned or blocked from an email list. Unlike your social media, you own your email list! And emails are a great way to provide value and serve your audience well. So... how do you start?

Set Up: Need to start an email list? No worries - we will teach you to get set up and get your current customers and prospects added!

Grow: How do you get people to sign up for your list? Make it easy and offer an amazing opt in - your first step in providing value!

Automate: You have 100 things to do at any moment to grow your business... don't add manually sending a bunch of emails to that list! Let us teach you how to automate the sign up, opt in delivery and follow up!

Add Value:  Now that they are on your list, you need to provide value! We have monthly content including freebies and updates on upcoming groups, info on coaching, product releases and more! All for you to share with your list each month!

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You need an email list! Here's why...

  • You don't own your social media - you can be shadow-banned or blocked at anytime. Your email list? It's yours.
  • On average, email marketing sees a 4300% return on investment - people on your email list are far more likely to convert to paying customers!
  • Email is the most direct and reliable way to get in contact with people.
  •  On Facebook, a post's average organic reach is only around 6.4% of the page's total likes. But people check their emails multiple times a day, making them far more likely to read what you have to say!

The Grow + Automate + Add Value Bundle

For $20/month - or a discounted rate with a longer subscription - you will get:

  • An opt-in library to grow your email list
  • Monthly: 4 freebies to add value to your emails
  • Monthly: 4 segments highlighting upcoming groups, products and promotions
  • Monthly: Instagram Stories to help you grow your list and get prospects excited about signing up!
  • Ideas on how to set up and schedule your newsletter
  • How to Video: How to create a form, automate your opt in delivery & follow up! 
  • Access to our snippet library to simplify your daily emails
  • ... and so much more, with new bonuses added every single month!

Monthly newsletter content for the upcoming month is uploaded on the 24th. 

Grow + Automate + Add Value Annual Subscription for $192
Grow + Automate + Add Value Biannual Subscription for $108
Grow + Automate + Add Value Quarterly Subscription for $57
Grow + Automate + Add Value Monthly Subscription for $20
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