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The Rock Business Bundle gives you everything you need for your business each month! Run an amazing challenge group, turn your cold market into paying customers and keep everyone up to date with The Challenge Group Upgrade, Rock Your Free Community and Rock Your Email list- and save on all of them!


You know what you need to do. But there are only so many hours in the day.

It feels like such a struggle to plan, create and execute content each month for:

  • Daily challenge group posts
  • Weekly value driven emails
  • Monthly free groups
  • Not to mention all the fun extras like podcast calendars, recipe PDFs, Instagram stories and more!

We get it - it's super frustrating! You are an incredible coach and you have a heart for helping people. And we're here to help.

Imagine what it will be like when:

✔️  You run an amazing challenge group each month filled with fun and innovate content PLUS all the extras like meal plans and spirit week.

✔️  You provide incredible value to your cold audience by running a FREE challenge each month- and keeping the group engaged!

✔️  You send out a weekly newsletter full of fun freebies and keeping everyone up to date on what is happening each month!

✔️ And all of this content just magically shows up each month. You get to do what you do best- connect with others and help them conquer their goals!


The Rock Your Business Bundle

A monthly membership for who want all the content they need each month (and materials to market it!)- right at their fingertips. 

Here's what you can expect when you sign up for The Rock Your Business Bundle:

  • Challenge Group Content delivered on the 23rd of the month with a sneak peek (including stories and themes on the 15th!)
  • Email Marketing tutorials to set up and automate your email marketing
  • Newsletter content delivered on the 24th of each month!
  • Free group content delivered on the 5th of the month- with a free group to be run the last week of the month
  • Want more info on individual subscriptions? Find out all the details of by clicking below!
Rock Your Business Bundle Annual Subscription for $500
Rock Your Business Bundle Biannual Subscription for $275
Rock Your Business Bundle Quarterly Subscription for $157
Rock Your Business Bundle Monthly Subscription for $55

We cannot wait to help you crush your monthly goals with EVERYTHING you need!

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