Looking to run a Prenatal or Pregnancy focused Challenge Group?

Pregnancy is a time full of changes and excitement- and connecting with other women in the same stage of life is so powerful! This group will give you flexible content to run a 30 day - 9 month group depending on how you utilize it- so you can tailor the content to fit your needs!

Included Marketing Materials:
Newsletter, Instagram stories and posting ideas to help you advertise for your group!

Pregnancy Specific Challenge Group Content:
-16 Nutrition Specific Posts for the 16 videos
-Pregnancy Challenge Group Posts ~ 50 posts ranging from bump photos to nursery themes to name ideas to pregnancy stretches and more! (Schedule these 1x a week or all together to tailor the group to your needs!)
-Extra pregnancy content to get your challengers motivated and having fun!

This group is designed to be run within another monthly challenge group. There will be content for 2 posts per week for 25 weeks. Add these posts to your normal challenge group content to continue running your group throughout pregnancy! You can start this group at any point in pregnancy and continue throughout the postpartum period and beyond!


Prenatal Food Freedom Challenge Group Guide


  • Everything you need to plan, market and run a pregnancy challenge group!
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