Are you ready to expand your impact + create an incredible team of business-builders?

Well, we are here to help! Let's get your potential coaches interested in coaching, engaged in a sneak peek, and ready to be your next leader! We have coach recruitment marketing materials, sneak peek templates, and a free trial into coaching group... everything you need to find your next rockstar coach and show them this incredible opportunity!

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Growing your team is critical for growing your business.

But where do you even start? How do you find people that might want to join your team? And what do you tell them once they are interested in coaching?

Well, what if you had eye-catching Instagram stories about the coach opportunity? And what if you had a sneak peek into coaching group that you could add them to ... that perpetually ran itself? How about if you could set them up with a free trial week of coaching so that they could experience the community? We have everything you need to set up sneak peeks (that run themselves!), a free trial week guide, and the marketing materials to get people into your groups!

Marketing: From stories to scripts, we have everything you need to attract and invite prospects to your sneak peek!

Sneak Peek: Set up a sneak peek group where your prospects can find out more about coaching - this is an informational group for prospects to learn about the business.

Free Trial: Let your prospects try coaching for a week for free - they get to see how much fun it is and how rewarding, while getting to know you and your team! This group is a hands on way to show people what it is like to be a coach!

Automate:  Want your sneak peek to run each month but don't want to have to remember to schedule it every time? Automate it! Want to check in and follow up with the ladies in your free trial? Automate it with our bonus resources!

Remember, you are the biggest asset in your business - we will provide the outline for the videos, but you need to tell your story! Please note that you will have to create videos to run your sneak peek!

Take a Peek Inside...

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Which Option is Right For Me?

  • Marketing Materials: Already run a sneak peek you love? Grab just the marketing materials - including Instagram stories, newsletter blurbs, social media posts, direct invites, a post for your challenge group, and follow ups!
  • Need an informational sneak peek? This group is the perfect place to send people when they are interested in more info on coaching! The posts and videos will tell prospects everything they need to know about coaching!
  • Want people to try coaching before they sign up? Our coaching trial is a free weeklong group that lets prospects try before they buy! With workouts, social media training, and community, this group will make people fall in love with coaching!

Options Available

Marketing Materials



  • Instagram stories
  • Newsletter blurbs
  • Social media posts
  • Direct invites
  • Posts for your challenge group
  • Follow ups

Sneak Peek + Marketing Materials



  • All marketing materials to intrigue, invite and follow up with prospects
  • Posts and graphics to help run a sneak peek
  • Video outlines to follow
  • Form to keep track of prospects
  • BONUS: Instructions on how to automate your sneak peek

Free Trial into Coaching + Sneak Peek + Marketing Materials



  • All marketing materials to intrigue, invite, and follow up with prospects
  • All materials from the sneak peek guide
  • Resources to set up a free trial into coaching group
  • Daily posts for participants with workouts and social media training
  • Video training outlines
  • PDF template to set up prospects for the free trial group
  • Suggestions on how to involve your team
  • BONUS: Email Workflow to automate your check-ins and follow ups!
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