Hey Beachbody Coach! Are you ready rock your 10 Rounds Challenge Group?

If you're ready to get serious in your business and start seeing amazing growth with the launch of 10 Rounds... we've got just what you need to have your best group ever!

Challenge Group Guide + Instagram Stories



  • 8 Week Challenge Group Guide
  • Over 50 Stories to Help Promote Your Group!
  • BONUS Sign up form!
Grab Your Guide + Stories!

Challenge Group Guide



  • 8 Week Challenge Group Guide
Grab Your Guide

What's Included?

  • In the guide:
  • Prep week content
  • 8 weeks of challenge group content

  • In the Guide + Stories:
  • 6 weeks worth of Instagram stories to invite, educate and have fun with your followers!
  • BONUS sign up form!

Just need stories to promote your 10 Rounds group? Grab them here!

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